Our Purpose

Why work with us?

We reset people’s perspectives, beliefs and behaviours to form productive and value adding relationships.

We design customer experiences that attract customers and create advocates. We empower your advocates to become your extended sales force.

We design employee experiences that motivate and attract the talent you need to succeed.

Where we are effective

  • Business to customer and consumer
  • Business to business
  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • Business to employee
  • Public service to citizens

How We Work

Following a simple process we work with you to:

Understand your situation today, through conversations, workshops, primary and secondary research and analysis to gather evidence and insights for action.
Use this understanding to design your blueprint for new ways of working and thinking that deliver the desired outcome.
Implement your blueprint, by helping you to change the relationship you have with customers and employees, delivering value to all stakeholders.

About Intelligent Linking

Over the last 10 years as a society we have collectively changed the way we shop, make choices, manage money, learn, stay healthy, work, holiday, exercise, keep in touch... The global pandemic has accelerated these changes, particularly our adoption of digital solutions.

Businesses like yours are trying to connect with customers and employees (particularly post-pandemic), to understand how their needs, wants, behaviours, and perspectives have changed, and to reset their relationships with you.

We work with you to capture authentic perceptions and beliefs of your customers and employees and use these insights as evidence to change the way you work to deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences and develop ‘in-demand’ products and services.

How we help you to deliver this change is up to you. We can lead your change programme, conduct insightful research, provide key enabling resources, expertise and methods or simply coach and advise your team.

Our Services

We continually innovate with and on behalf of our customers, often pioneering new ways of working, so it's hard to settle on a definitive set of services. But in general the activities below are the most popular with clients:

Primary Research

Capturing the data and insights that evidence the case for change

Nudge Theory

Thought provoking and engaging customer/employee assessments that reveal truths and influence positive behaviours

Organisational Blueprints

Design and implementation of new ways of thinking and working

Change Management

Training, coaching and facilitation to enable business change

Customer and Employee Experience Management

Changing interactions with customers and employees that transform your relationship

Design Thinking

Continually improve your products, services, customer and employee experiences to stay relevant and ahead of your competition

Who We Are

Intelligent Linking was founded in 2010 by Roger Williams who has an extensive background in customer centred business design. We combine research and analysis with behavioural science to form a deep understanding of organisations and their customers. The Intelligent Linking core team includes:

Roger Williams

Founder - Lead Consultant - Intelligent Linking Methods

The Team

Tracy Pettingale

Business Operations and Products Manager

Joanne Parker

Customer Relationships, New Enquiries

Ross Kirkwood

Consultant - Programme and Performance Management

Emily Harker-Roberts

Consultant - Change Management, NLP Specialist

Ishreen Markhar

Advisor on Diversity - Opportunity and Excellence for All

Prof. Leslie Gadman

Advisor on Organisational Behaviour

David Mills

Advisor on Large Scale Programmes and SCM

We continue to seek associates who share our purpose and values or offer solutions that will enhance OUR customers’ experience. If you feel you fall into either of these categories then get in touch.

Where we can make a difference for you

  • Design build and launch digital communities that help organisations to fulfil their purpose.
  • Researching customer behaviours, while at the same time changing their perception of your organisation.
  • Engaging consumer insights to ensure that development efforts result in successful solutions.
  • Analysis of business relationships to unlock barriers and stimulate progressive changes in the way you interact.
  • Changing mindsets to see positive gains and change attitudes in complying with company policies or regulations such as GDPR.
  • Improving productivity by understanding employee wellness, engagement, and commitment post covid.
  • Reversing negative customer reviews of your organisation by redesigning customer interactions to provide a positive customer experience.
  • Engaging ‘hard to reach’ communities to stimulate user led and sustainable changes in behaviour towards more healthy lifestyles.

contact us

Maidstone, Kent
01622 477777